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  1. Mayor of Edmonton,
    Don Iveson
  2. Edmonton Ward 8 City Councillor,
    Ben Henderson
Sign below if you want the YEG Accidental Beach to stay!

Friends, it’s time we talk about something important.

In the past month or so, we’ve been hit with some serious, unexpected fortune and its name is Accidental Beach. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and like a rookie Oiler proving his worth in a high stakes playoff game, it’s something the entire city can get behind. Like the best of gifts, the beach has provided us with plenty of joy this summer. It goes without saying it can’t be allowed to disappear easily.

Thanks to federal and provincial red tape overseeing the management of North Saskatchewan River, the permanent status of the beach is in flux, but we think it’s important to send a message to the higher-ups ­– especially over at City Council ­– that the beach’s survival is a number one priority. So we’ve put together a petition to get the ball rolling.

If you’re a Yegger who wants the beach to stick around, sign here!


Petition by,
Accidental Beach Team


To: Mayor Don Iveson, and Ward 8 City Councillor Ben Henderson

September 16, 2017

Dear Don Iveson and Ben Henderson,

For your consideration, we present a petition signed by residents of Edmonton for submission to City Council. This petition kindly requests your action in putting forward a proposal for the maintenance of what has come to be known as Edmonton’s “Accidental Beach”.

It goes without saying that the beach has struck a chord with many Edmontonians, and has been used extensively as a summer destination for residents. The site has added value to our city and to the river valley, and the public has made it clear that they are in full favour of its continued existence.

However, in order for this area to remain safe, clean, and environmentally friendly, proper maintenance of the area is required. Maintenance efforts could include adding parking, lifeguards or security, garbage cans and disposal, and monitoring and improvement of water quality near the beach. It would also be vital to ensure the cooperation and consideration of nearby communities, to ensure the beach is a valuable addition to these areas, as well as to Edmonton as a whole.

We understand that the survival of the beach hinges on post-LRT construction efforts, as well as the interests of provincial and federal governments. However, we believe that if Edmontonians are going to continue to use this recreation area – and they will likely do so, regardless of maintenance – it is important to maintain the beach for safety and security.

In launching this petition, we hope there is an opportunity to preserve this site for Edmontonians to continue to enjoy in future years. We thank you for your time in this matter.

Thank you,

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